Hi! I'm Stephanie dodd, m.s.

I work with women who want more. More energy. More fun. More connection. More purpose.

That's me! No make-up, no filter. Let's see the real you come alive.

That's me! No make-up, no filter. Let's see the real you come alive.

I am A Multi-generational healer, Empowering women to learn techniques that can be used and passed down for generations to come to move out of anxiety, fear, and too muchness and into a place of focused peace and vibrant living. 

I write & produce videos about energy boosts because:
there's just not enough coffee to go around
& energy medicine is my magic

I believe the key to feeling great emotionally and physically isn't in a blog or a book, but rather happens when we connect with our inner goddess - listening to our intuition for the answers - and when we gather in community with others doing the same. That's why I created this page, run live events, and host interactive workshops - sharing my inner wisdom gathered from working globally as an energetic & intuitive healer for 10 years and to ignite the spark of sacred-self within each of you so that you live each day fully energized and feeling better than ever. 

Soulfully. Spiritually. Sacredly.

As a multi-generational healer my goal is to teach you simple tools and strategies so that anytime, anywhere you can easily shift your energy and come alive inside your body. My hope is that helping you align your mental, emotional, and physical states we create space for unlimited amounts of energy and opportunities. 

I’ve taken multiple healing systems and peeled back all the layers so that are teachable and understandable because I believe we only use what we know and what feels comfortable. Complicated systems means you’re stuck paying someone for all your healing work when in fact, the deepest healing comes from within. 

I’m here so you can take control of your health and healing from the inside out and to empower you so can then empower others. Are you ready to feel your best?

Working with some of the world's renowned healers, I’ve developed systems to help you maximize your daily energy and feel better than you’ve ever felt before. 

It’s more than pretending life is great, it’s releasing everything that keeps life from being great.

As a mom of three littles, overwhelm is my go-to comfort zone. It’s been my safe zone for a long time. A place where I have an excuse for why I’m tired, the house is a mess, and my dreams aren’t achieved. But it doesn’t help me push the needle forward on my life and it also doesn’t help me teach my kids what true happiness looks like. 

So every day I make the choice to be intentional with my energy. In doing so, I’ve figured out the very best strategies for how to stay in the present moment and what true self-acceptance looks and feels like. And I’m here to tell you, it’s far exceeded all my expectations and the very same feelings are just waiting for you. 

I was once told I’m an equal representation of Albert Einstein, Walter Mitty, and Michelangelo. So basically a crazy comedic who creates art. I see healing as an art form and when you learn the basics, I know you will make it your own beautiful creation that does something to change the world in small and big ways. 

My techniques are based in modern science, including belief change modification. When we shift from a negative state and rewire the subconscious mind, it is quickly possible to have more energy and align the focus of your life with the purpose of who you came here to be. 

Through my free content, retreats, and group classes…

  • I share energy techniques which create lasting shifts in your life

  • I teach you who be your own best healer and the shaman of your family

  • I'll help you live a life abundant in energy and health

I’m known to be a compassionate, accepting soul combining several belief modification techniques & energy healing modalities into one. 

I care about you, and I care about your family. I am committed to your personal growth and healing journey so you may feel your most vibrant in this moment, and in every moment. 

Through my videos, workshops, and live events you’ll learn practical tips to transform your life. Whenever I offer a new soul-shifting moment or uncover a useful tip I think you’ll want to know about, my social media & newsletter subscribers are the very first to know. Be sure to join the family here and here. 

Of course I’m not perfect and you may catch a kid (or two, or three) in my content from time to time, and I may just laugh at myself because being with you is better than being self-critical. If you’re on board for feeling better than you’ve ever felt before, than I’m beyond excited to get to know you and am so grateful you’re here! 

The Professional Basics

I received my B.A. in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University and my M.S. in Psychology from Walden University, with the intention to enter into the counseling profession. By the time I finished grad school, I had found using energy medicine was more beneficial to me than traditional therapy and thus began studying with healers around the world. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Certified 200 Yoga Instructor EFT Tapping Practitioner, Human Design Practitioner and an Angelic Light Weaver. 

I've spent 10 years working globally with women and men helping them to unlock the blocks to loving life through energetic & intuitive healing. 

During the years 2014 to 2016, I worked as a heart-centered sleep coach, and published an International Best-Selling book, Good Baby, Bad Sleeper (Difference Press, 2015).

Additional healing techniques I've studied and incorporated into my practice are the of study of Homeopathy, Autopathy, Eden Energy Medicine and Flower Essence Blending.

How I "found" energy healing:

It was January of 2007 and catching my eye in the newspaper was an add in the paper to volunteer through a yoga studio. I had never stepped inside a yoga studio, and honesty barely knew much about yoga but I knew I had to go. Once inside, I saw a sign for Reiki. I had NO IDEA what Reiki was, but I just knew I had to take the class. I did. And for 8 weeks I was the odd girl out. We did weird things like connect with the earth, and send energy to our food, and I was so out of place and yet so right where my soul was calling me to be. Reiki for me was like a gateway drug into the world of energy healing. A few months later I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and it was here I really began being honest with myself about my own depression and thoughts. Since that initiation, I haven’t looked back. I began studying with the world’s best healers, taking more courses than one probably needs, and learning to develop titanium trust with my intuition. It’s from this place I've broken down the basics so you, too, can feel your very best

Tiny Tidbits to Know More:

My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, hands down

I'd love to live abroad learning the rituals of various cultures

I've been married 8 years and mothering for 7 years

I once danced for 48 hours - no sitting, no sleeping, no showering to raise money for children with cancer

My only semi-regret in this lifetime is not taking the opportunity to travel the world as a flight attendant

Baths are my sacred space

Laughter + Fun. Yes! Please and thank you

Girlfriend sleepovers are just as fun today (maybe even more!) as they were back when...

To know more of my story, be sure to follow me. See you there, lovely!