Step 2:

Rebelliously Happy

Hey Rock Star,

You’ve made 10 minutes for yourself to try the protocol and you’re feeling it. But now what? It’s soooo easy to tell ourselves we will continue this practice everyday. It feels amazing, the benefits last all day long, so of course we would. Wouldn’t we? Actually, no.

Most of us are trained to avoid the things that help us feel elevated because elevated feels different. Our mind is conditioned to want to keep our internal worlds the same. So we try something, we love it, and then we somehow forget about it! Or promise ourselves we’ll get back to it tomorrow.

That’s why I’ve got you covered with support from other moms just like you, and from me! When you sign up for the Rebelliously Happy© free five day challenge, you’ll not only have five days of me straight to your inbox with tips, tricks, and faq’s to help you take your Dodd Protocol to Happier Living to the next level - you’ll also hook up with women doing the same! Everyone is one their own journey in this space, so some are starting day 1 with you and others are some “experienced zen as a mother” women. Wherever you are, this is a shame free, get your happy on, place to be.

The best part, invite a friend to join this fun, free challenge with you, and they’ll be thanking you for years to come!

Seriously. They may even bake you cake.