Answering the Question, "Why Won't You Go to Sleep?"

Answering the Question, "Why Won't You Go to Sleep?"

If there’s one question I’ve heard time and time again from the parents I work with it it’s this - Why Won’t My Child Go the **** to Sleep? The f-bomb is often dropped because by the time parents reach me, they’ve already passed through the stages of trying to remain all zen and peace-like. I’m about to share with you one of the secrets I share with these families that makes a shift and brings a sense of calm back to bedtime.

When you have a child who simply won't go to sleep, no matter how much money you’ve spent on room darkening shades and white noise machines, this question haunts you well into the morning hours.

These questioning thoughts turn into, “What is wrong with my child”, and then to, “What is wrong with me?” Sometimes, when feeling really vulnerable, parents admit they question if being a parent is what they really wanted.

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